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Create your perfect luxury travel

Create your multi-destination travel in just a few clicks.
Find the perfect combination of transport + hotel + tourist activities to make unique your stay in Italy or  let yourself be inspired by our travel ideas.

Discover how you can create multidestination travel

Do you need help creating your trip? You can follow our guide below or write in chat to our customer care. We will be happy to help you plan your perfect trip!

Configure your trip: insert your destinations

  • Insert your start date and number of travelers. Then clic on “Search”

  • Now you can plan your trip by indicating the place of departure and your first destination, selecting directly the number of nights for your stay

  • You can now proceed to enter your next destination (s)
    The system will automatically calculate the total number of nights foreseen and it will insert your departure city as the return destination

Choose your travel options

The platform will show you the available transport options (trains, planes, ships). The system will automatically select an option that you can confirm or modify according to your needs.

By continuing the procedure, you can select the hotel that best suits you in each destination, viewing the various accommodations available and the various types of rooms that you can choose.
Then, you can also add one or more local activities in each destinations.

Confirm or change transport/hotel options

By selecting the green button “CONTINUE” you can proceed to choose transport and hotel among the available options proposed for each destination of your trip.
Furthermore, if you wish, you can add exclusive local activities in one or more destinations to make your trip unforgettable.

Then you will be able to view your trip summary, where you can check all details and the total price of your stay.

Check your summary

Now you can see your trip summary and you can proceed to confirm trip, insering passengers data and payment confirmation.

Otherwise you can save the quote to proceed with confirmation later. But be careful! Don’t wait too long because you may no longer find available the option you selected (in this case we will still provide you valid alternatives to modify your package).

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